Updated on October 16,2015

Night special admission of Kondo-Hall・Kodo-Hall・Three dementional MANDARA Updated on October 16,2015

TOJI Right-up of precinct 

Oct. 30 (Fri) ~ Dec. 06 (Sun)  京都
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TOJI that has become a World Heritage site.

The temple has very long history and also have 5-storied pagoda as symbol of Kyoto.

It was formally known as Kyō-ō-gokoku-ji


In Kondo-Hall, there is main hall in Toji, it can be watch the Yakushi Nyorai, the Medicine Buddha、Buddha of Nikkou/Gakkou, and three -dimensional version of the mandala


Please enjoy the historical buildings that wrapped in warm of the lights and enjoy the autumn leaves.


TEL : 075-691-3325


PLACE : TOJI《Kyō-ō-gokoku-ji



Get off the Hankyu「Omiya-St.」 and transfer the Municipal
bus(No.18or No.71, No.207), 1-minutes’ walk from 'Toji