Updated on November 05,2015

Make it a dream world. Updated on November 05,2015

Let’s go to Kobe and Takarazuka with wrap advertising cars!

Nov01.2015 ~ End of Nov. 2017(schedule)  
*The times, dates, and content of events are subject to change at the organizers’ discretion. Please check before finalizing your plans.

The wrap advertising cars runs only 2years along the KOBE and TAKARAZUKA lines with draw the popular character from NOV. 1.


In KOBE-Line, Mr. Seizo-WATASE, very famous Japanese manga artist and illustrator, draw the love story on stage of stylish KOBE,

and in TAKARAZUKA-Line, the famous character who draw Mr. Osamu-TEZUKA(the world famous cartoonist) make it the dream world on stage of TAKARAZUKA.


Please take the special train that popular character has been decorated with a lot.