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What's New

Updated on September 27,2016

PEANUTS Friends meet Hankyu Railway from Oct.1(SAT) ! Updated on September 27,2016


Oct. 1(SAT) )~    <Will be closed when all items are sold out>  Osaka ・ Kyoto


Hankyu Railway and  「PEANUTS」  famous for SNOOPY will be started collaboration project!


From Oct.1(SAT), it will sell limited products with  「PEANUTS」 like SNOOPY or CHARIE BROWN and Hankyu Railway


Do not miss the Limited product, which can only be purchased in Osaka・Umeda or Kyoto !




●Sales place:

asnas HOTEL new HANKYU mae store,  COLOR FiELD Umeda Store, Lagare Shop Kawaramachi 1gou-Store,  a.d.r.e.s Kyoto Porta Store

※There is a possibility of sold out by store.



Place :

asnas HOTEL new HANKYU mae store,  COLOR FiELD Umeda Store,

Lagare Shop Kawaramachi 1gou Store ,  a.d.r.e.s Kyoto Porta Store


Access :

①asnas HOTEL new HANKYU mae store

1-1-3 Shibata Kita-Ku Osaka (In front of HOTEL new HANKYU)


COLOR FiELD Umeda Store

HANKYU 3BANGAI South Wing 2F 1-1-3 Shibata Kita-ku Osaka


③Lagare Shop Kawaramachi 1gou-Store,

52saki Shijokawaramachi Nishiiru Shinmachi Shimogo-ku Kyoto

Outside of Hankyu Kawaramachi Station Central wicket


④a.d.r.e.s  Kyoto Porta Store

Porta(underground shopping mall in front of Kyoto St.)

902 Higashi Shio koji Karasuma Shimogo-ku Kyoto

Station:JR、Subway Kyoto


URL :  PEANUTS MEET HANKYU(Japanese language)