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Updated on 2018.12.26

【KOBE】Toka Ebisu

●Date:from January 9th (Wednesday) to January 11th (Friday)  ●Area:Kobe

“Toka Ebisu” is a festival to pray for thriving business. The festival will be held on Nishinomiya Shrine in Hyogo from January 9th (Wednesday) to January 11th (Friday). More than 1 million people visit every year, and in the shrine area there is plenty lucky items where you can only be seen during the period, like “Good Luck Charm Offering in Big Tuna” where you can try to stick coin on a big tuna, or put the coin on “Lucky Bamboo Branch”, or “Sea Bream Fortunes” where you can draw your random fortunes on paper with sea bream! Visit the shrine to praying for happiness in one year.
Free to visit shrine ●Use Hanshin train, get off at Nishinomiya station
English website: http://www.travelhyogo.org.e.aas.hp.transer.com