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Updated on 2018.12.26

【KYOTO】Senzan Shichi Fukujin Meguri

●Date:January 14th (Mon. Coming-of-Age Day)  ●Area:Kyoto

Shichifukujin refers to SEVEN deities which are believed to bring in good fortune in Japan.
It is said that people can gain luck and blessings by visiting the seven shrines and temples.
A pilgrimage to the temple and shrines dedicated to the Seven Lucky Gods, Shichi Fukujin Megur, will be held on January 14th (Mon. Coming-of-Age Day) in the Mountain of Sennyū-ji. Let’s collect the fortune for the coming year by visiting the gods with Lucky Bamboo Grass!Free admission & free for Lucky Bamboo Grass; Charms for Bamboo Grass are separately required (300yen~)
●Use Hankyu Train and get off at Kawaramachi station
Japanese website: https://ssl01.a-spcc.jp/www.mitera.org/