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Updated on 2018.12.26

【KOBE】Yakuyoke Taisai

●Date:From January 18th (Friday) and January 19th (Saturday)  ●Area:Kobe

Since ancient times in Japan every disaster is said to be “Bad Luck”, and to spend one year safely there is a custom to “expelling bad luck” at New Year. From January 18th (Friday) and January 19th (Saturday), there will be held a festival “Yakuyoke Taisai” at Tōkō-ji Temple in Hyogo and the approximately 100,000 people will visit every year. Besides praying in temple, you can also enjoy the gourmet such a warm Amaizake and Yakuyoke Sake Manju in many stalls that are lined up in area. Let’s exorcise “Bad Luck” and pray to spend a new year peacefully. Free to visit ●Use Hankyu train get off at Mondo-Yakujin Station
Japanese website: https://mondoyakujin.or.jp/