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Updated on 2019.03.01

【KOBE】Cherry Blossom at Shukugawa Riverside (Shukugawa Park)

●Date:late March ~ early April  ●Area:Kobe

Shukugawa Riverside (Shukugawa Park) is located in Hyogo prefecture, where the riverbed has also maintained to be part of the park. There are more than 1,600 cherry blossoms trees blooming along the river for 3 km in late March ~ early April. The view is very beautiful, where shidare cherry looks like a pink bridge crossing over the river and flower petals flowing through the river, makes you almost forget the time past. This is a perfect photo spot, remember to bring along your camera and go out for a walk in spring. No admission fees needed.
●Get off at Hankyu Train Shukugawa Station/Kurakuenguchi Station; or get off at Hanshin Train Kōroen Station