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Updated on 2019.04.01

【KOBE】Nigawayurinocho Chiku Jisuberi Museum’s Shibazakura (Moss phlox)

●Date:Between April and May  ●Area:Kobe

Shibazakura is a pretty flower that looks like cherry blossoms and has a grass-like reproduction power. Between April and May, the western slope of Nigawayurinocho Chiku Jisuberi Museum in Hyogo-Nishinomiya will be filled with Shibazakura flower! The locals planted Shibazakura flower to remember the Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake that occurred 24 years ago. When it comes to the best viewing period, the scenery will be a very beautiful as you may see it as a pink carpet. You can spend your time relaxing here while looking at the flowers. Free viewing here.
● Get off at Hankyu Nigawa Station