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Updated on 2019.05.30

【KOBE】[Nagoshino Ohharae] in Nishinomiya Shrine

●Date:Sunday, June 30  ●Area:Kobe

Every calamity is called an evil in Japan, but Nishinomiya Shrine in Hyogo holds "to drive away evil ― drive away evil" and "Oharai-shiki" in December and June. In the "Nagoshi no Oharae" held on Sunday, June 30, people scrub themselves with a doll that has been blown into the air to remove skins and impurities from the doll and ward off misfortune. In addition, a very large "Kayawa" made in the shrine appears in the precincts, and by going through it, people pray for good health for the next six months. It's a Japanese traditional Shinto ritual, so please visit it. Admission is free.●Get off at Nishinomiya Station of Hanshin Electric Railway.
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