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Updated on 2019.07.31

【KYOTO】Kyo no Tanabata – 2019

●Date:from August 1 (Thurs) to 31 (Sat)  ●Area:Kyoto

Kyo no Tanabata - 2019 is a collection of events designed around the theme of “wishes” and featuring a myriad of lights, held around Kyoto prefecture from August 1 (Thurs) to 31 (Sat).
On August 3 (Sat) and 4 (Sun) from 7:00 PM, beautiful scenery of “Tanabata Sasakazari” paper ornaments and LED filled bamboo basket “Wind Chime Lights” will color the area around the Kamo Riverbank (From Bukkoji Street to Oike Street).
Take in the illuminating pieces of art as you enjoy a peaceful stroll down the riverbank.

Viewing Fee: Free
●Nearest Station: Hankyu Kawaramachi Station
English Website:http://www.kyoto-tanabata.jp/en/