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Updated on 2019.07.31

【KYOTO】Arashiyama Tōrō Nagashi Floating Lanterns

●Date:August 16 (Fri)  ●Area:Kyoto

In Japan there is a ceremony called “Tōrō Nagashi” wherein people float paper lanterns lit with candles down rivers and in the ocean in memorial of their ancestors.
Just past sunset on August 16 (Fri) at Arashiyama’s Nakanoshima park and the Katsuragawa River, the Arashiyama Tōrō Nagashi Floating Lantern ceremony will be held and countless paper lanterns will flicker over the water as they float down across the water, wrapping the entire area with a fantastical and magical air.
Join in, pay your respects to your ancestors and experience a special night in Japan’s ancient capital.

Viewing fee: Free
*1 Paper Lantern: 1,000 yen (1 small grave post included)
(Reception hours: 12PM~8:30PM)

●Nearest Station: Hankyu Arashiyama Station
Japanese Official website: http://buttorenmei.sakura.ne.jp/