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Updated on 2021.02.01

【KYOTO】Beautiful Winter Flowers of Shinnyo-do Temple

●Date:From Monday, February 1 to Wednesday, March 31  ●Area:Kyoto

The Shinnyo-do Temple is known for its autumn foliage, and the large precincts of the temple are rich in nature and delightful to the eyes of visitors all year round. In February and March, the precincts are filled with beautiful flowers such as camellias and Asiatic dogwoods. The camellias vary from early to late bloomers, with some of them even up to 300 years old. Spend a peaceful time while enjoying the collaboration between the three-storied pagoda and camellias, as well as the lovely yellow flowers of the Asiatic dogwoods.

Japanese Website: https://shin-nyo-do.jp/

●Admission: Adults and high school students: 500 yen, junior high school students: 400 yen, elementary school students and below: free
●Directions: From the Kyoto-kawaramachi Station on the Hankyu Line, take the city bus to “Kinrin Shako-mae” and walk 8 minutes.

*For more information, please check the website before your visit.