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Updated on 2021.02.01

【KOBE】Get Rid of Bad Fortune and Make a Wish!

●Date:Wednesday, February 3  ●Area:Kobe

At the Setsubun-e event of Daikakuji Temple in Teramachi, Amagasaki on Wednesday, February 3, a special kombu daruma doll will be given to ward off bad luck, along with the Buddhist ceremonies of Hoshi Matsuri (Star Festival), where you make offerings to your star at the time of your birth and the stars of good and bad fortune that come around every year, and Goma Prayer, a Buddhist service, where you write your wishes on a piece of wood and burn it. This is also a rare opportunity to see Karakuri Ningyo, a Noh performance performed by puppets made using traditional techniques.

Japanese Website: https://amagasaki-daikakuji.com/

●Admission: Free
●Directions: 5 minutes’ walk from Amagasaki Station (Hanshin Line)

*For more information, please check the website before your visit.
*Mamemaki (“bean-throwing”) and Kyogen Pantomimes will be canceled in 2021.