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Arima Onsen Taikou-no-yu Package Tickets

Enjoy Arima Onsen, Japan’s oldest celebrated spa!
Great value packages, including admission for a rich range of bathing at Taikou-no-yu, along with rail access to Arima Onsen!

May 7, 2018 - Closed due to earthquake-proof construction.
It will reopen on Apr. 1, 2019.
Arima Onsen Taikou-no-yu Package Tickets for 2018 version will not be sold.

  • 【2017 Version】

    [On sale]April 1(sat),2017~March 31(sat),2018

    [Valid for]April 1(sat),2017~April 30(mon),2018

    Not available date:
    May. 3 (wed)~May. 5 (fri) 2017
    Aug. 12 (sat) ~Aug. 15 (tue) 2017
    Jan. 1 (mon) ~Jan . 3 (wed) 2018
    Spa facility closed:
    May . 9(tue),2017
    Sep. 5(tue) ・Sep.6 (wed), 2017
    Jan. 10 (wed) 2018

  • ※Person with tatoos will be denied enter to the spa .
    Bathing Etiquette(PDF)>>>

●Sales of this pass are limited to non-Japanese tourists. Purchase requires presentation of a passport stamped with a short-stay tourist visa.
●One pass per customer limit.
●No refunds on purchases of this pass.

Choose between Hankyu Ver. and Hanshin Ver. Unlimited one-day passes on either railway.

Sale location

Buying a pass in Japan

Hankyu Tourist Center, Osaka - Umeda
Hankyu Railway 1st floor, Umeda Station
Underneath the elevated JR tracks (on the site of the old Umeda Station Information Gallery)

The Hanshin Electric Railway Service Center [Hanshin Ver.only]
North of the west ticket gate outside Hanshin Sannomiya Station

HANKYU Tourist Information Center, KYOTO [Hankyu Ver.only]
West of the central ticket gate outside Hankyu Kawaramachi Station

Kansai International Airport Passenger Terminal 1 Building 1F, Central Area
TEL 072-456-6160

KANSAI TOURIST INFORMATION CENTER DAIMARU SHINSAIBASHI  (http://www.tic-kansai.jp/en/daimaru-shinsaibashi/)
South Building 2F of Daimaru Shinsaibashi Store, 1-7-1 Shinsaibashi-suji, Chuo-ku, Osaka
TEL 06-6244-7100

KANSAI TOURIST INFORMATION CENTER Kyoto [Hankyu Ver.only] (http://www.tic-kansai.jp/en/kyoto/)
721-1 Higashi-shiokoji-cho, Shichi-jo Sagaru, Karasuma-dori,Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto (3F Kyoto Tower)
TEL 075-341-0280

Area of valid travel

What kind of place is Arima Onsen Taikou-no-yu?

Twenty-six dierent types of baths and“bedrock bathing”—a facility to savor the Kinsen (Gold) and Ginsen (Silver) waters that make Arima Onsen so special.

Darkish-red spa waters rich in iron content. High in thermal insulation and moisturizing eects,
with wide-ranging therapeutic properties.
In direct contrast to Kinsen, the waters here are silky and translucent.
Eects include accelerated metabolism and stimulated appetite.

●Open-Air Bath Zone

Take pleasure in the “Taikou Rock Bath” where the free-fowing hot spring waters of the Kinsen “Gold Spa” have been restored for the frst time in 411 years, the Ginsen “Silver Spa,” a carbonated spring (man-made), and herbal bathing. Also captivating is the luxurious open-air stone sauna and footbath, offering the delights of Japan’s first “bedrock bathing and footbath” at the very same time!

●Grand Bath Zone

A Japan rst! Showcasing the “Golden Steam Bath,” where you can simultaneously enjoy the steam from both the Kinsen and Ginsen spring sources.

●Kinsen and Ginsen Steam Bath Stone Sauna Zone

This steam bath stone sauna, where both Kinsen and Ginsen spa waters are transformed into steam flows, is truly unique to Taikou-no-yu. Donning the special stone sauna robes, both genders can relax together.

●Dining and Shopping

The complex contains restaurants, a food court and other dining facilities, together with an amusement arcade, concession stands, a lounge with reclining sofas, and other outstanding guest amenities.

【About the Arima Onsen】

Hot spring source spurting out waters close to 100℃ in temperature
Streetscapes beloved from days of old, exuding ambiences truly unique to Arima
Nene Bridge – with red parapets truly enchanting to the eye