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Using the train

Using the train

STEP01 Buy tickets

Look for the route map in the station, and look up the fare from your current station to your destination.

The ticket machine display is here

  • Take it easy and save with a Tourist Pass!!

    If you hold the Tourist pass, it is very easy to taking the train witin period because no need calculating fare and buy the ticket every time. The price is reasonable, it is recommended to you who want to enjoy along the railway line.

STEP02 Using the gate

Put your ticket through the machine and go through the gate. Please make sure you don't forget to collect your ticket when it comes out. It will be collected it at your destination station.

STEP03 Getting on

Stop station are different depending on the type of train,so please check the bulletin board guide and train display before getting on.

Check train types and platforms here

Train etiquette

  • Put your phone into silent mode on the train
  • Watch your volume level
  • Don't block the aisle. Please clear the aisle.
  • Pleae give the priority seats

STEP04 Getting off

Ticket will be collected in the ticket gate machine when you get off the train.About tourist pass, please do not forget to take out it as same as get on.