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Arima Onsen Taikou-no-yu Package Tickets

Enjoy Arima Onsen, Japanese oldest celebrated spa!

What kind of place is Arima Onsen Taikou-no-yu?

Twenty-six dierent types of baths and“bedrock bathing”—a facility to savor the Kinsen (Gold) and Ginsen (Silver) waters that make Arima Onsen so special.
※Please check the operation hours on the each facility website in advance.

  • Gold

  • Kinsen:
    Darkish-red spa waters rich in iron content. High in thermal insulation and moisturizing eects,
    with wide-ranging therapeutic properties.
  • Silver

  • Ginsen:
    In direct contrast to Kinsen, the waters here are silky and translucent.
    Eects include accelerated metabolism and stimulated appetite.

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  • ●Open-Air Bath Zone

    Take pleasure in the “Taikou Rock Bath” where the free-fowing hot spring waters of the Kinsen “Gold Spa” have been restored for the frst time in 411 years, the Ginsen “Silver Spa,” a carbonated spring (man-made), and herbal bathing. Also captivating is the luxurious open-air stone sauna and footbath, offering the delights of Japan’s first “bedrock bathing and footbath” at the very same time!

  • ●Grand Bath Zone

    A Japan rst! Showcasing the “Golden Steam Bath,” where you can simultaneously enjoy the steam from both the Kinsen and Ginsen spring sources.

  • ●Kinsen and Ginsen Steam Bath Stone Sauna Zone

    This steam bath stone sauna, where both Kinsen and Ginsen spa waters are transformed into steam flows, is truly unique to Taikou-no-yu. Donning the special stone sauna robes, both genders can relax together.

  • ●Dining and Shopping

    The complex contains restaurants, a food court and other dining facilities, together with an amusement arcade, concession stands, a lounge with reclining sofas, and other outstanding guest amenities.

【About the Arima Onsen】

  • Hot spring source spurting out waters close to 100℃ in temperature

  • Streetscapes beloved from days of old, exuding ambiences truly unique to Arima

  • Nene Bridge – with red parapets truly enchanting to the eye

  • Nene Bridge – with red parapets truly enchanting to the eye


※Person with tatoos will be denied enter to the spa .
Bathing Etiquette(PDF)>>>

[On sale]
April 1(thu),2021~February 28(mon),2022

[Valid for]
April 1(thu),2021~February 28(mon),2022

Not available date:
May. 3 (mon)~May. 5 (wed) 2021
Aug. 12 (thu) ~Aug. 15 (sun) 2021
Jan. 1 (sat) ~Jan . 3 (mon) 2022
Spa facility closed:
Apr. 21(wed)・Jul. 15(thu)・Oct. 12(tue)
Jan. 13(thu),2022

●Sales of this pass are limited to non-Japanese tourists. Purchase requires presentation of a passport stamped with a short-stay tourist visa.

●One pass per customer limit.

●No refunds on purchases of this pass.

Choose between Hankyu Ver. and Hanshin Ver. Unlimited one-day passes on either railway.

Prices as of October 1 , 2019

Area of valid travel


Sales offices

Purchasing passes outside Japan

Purchasing passes in Japan


Hankyu Railway 1st floor, Osaka-umeda Station
Underneath the elevated JR tracks (on the site of the old Osaka-umeda Station Information Gallery)

The Hanshin Electric Railway Service Center

North of the west ticket gate outside Hanshin Kobe-Sannomiya Station

HANKYU Tourist Information Center, Kyoto・kawaramachi

West of the central ticket gate outside Hankyu Kyoto-kawaramachi Station

Kansai International Airport Passenger Terminal 1 Building 1F, Central Area
TEL 072-456-6160

721-1 Higashi-shiokoji-cho, Shichi-jo Sagaru, Karasuma-dori,Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto (3F Kyoto Tower)
TEL 075-341-0280

*Please note that sales office may change from those listed above.
*When you purchase this pass in Japan, it is necessary to present the passport due to proof that entered Japan in the short-term stay qualification.(Limit 1 purchase per customer.)
*Valid for one day of unlimited travel in the pass area by one person (the holder).

How to purchase/use Arima Onsen Taikou-no-yu Package Tickets

Present your passport and fill in the required information on a form.

Pay the fee.(Cash only)

Receive your pass.

Insert your pass here.

*Please show the admission ticket of red paper at the Taikou-no-yu reception